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Chinese solar battery plant

Everyone is thinking green these days. Green tech is a much popular field in vehicle manufacturing industries. Different companies are investing in production plants to save environment.
China has launched a project to build a solar battery plant. A Chinese company "BYD" which is manufacturer of cars and batteries is going to start a solar battery plant project. Its been reported that this company's 10% shares are acquisition of U.S billionaire Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway will invest $3.3 billion in solar battery plant.
The reported company will built the plant in China's Shaanxi province and aims to sell 800,000 vehicles next year. The best selling car of BYD in 2009 was F3 sedan and company has plans to start the sale of its first electric car "e6" in first quarter this year.
Solar battery plant will be capable of producing a total of 5,000 megawatts of batteries.

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